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PO BOX 16,Orewa

Auckland, 0946

Tel: +64-9-4278997


We are a team group with Engineers, technicians,biologists , professional anglers and craftsmen, with enthusiast to fishing deeply in our heat, to create the best fishing gear for world wide anglers, we believe every angler deserve a quality rod, and the best value of the rod is not valued by highest market price, but the valve in the hand of anglers.

Giving Back

We believe Doing business is just like being a responsible human, even we have limited capacity, but we will do our little bit to feed back to the society and our customers, We do this for several reasons.

  • First of all, recommendations that are based on personal experience and that come from friends and business associates are incredibly powerful. We sincerely appreciate them.

  • Secondly, our loyalty customers and consumers constantly gives us feedback to improve our products in order to better meet customer needs and expectations. you do have some great ideas indeed!

  • Finally, we deeply believe in helping people and making the world a better place. Call it good karma, but it’s also good for sustainable business. Besides, we have friends and family too.