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WF#7F Grass Green Weight Forward Floating Line With 1 Exposed Loop

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All our fly lines, backing lines, tapered leaders, tippet lines are DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER that makes for well-known international brands. So we offer very competitive price and high quality products on the market which you can trust.

Best quality products at very competitive price. 

1 Exposed Loop FLOATING line ,Weight forward.

Color: Grass Green
Length: 100FT
Available size:  #7.

Features : Guides preferred line Color to suit NZ applications, No memory-braided cores ,Custom designed tapers Extreme ,Slickness tough coatings our Floating Technologies ensure the line tip and running line remain floating high. The rod and reel are only half of the story when optimizing gear. The correct fly line is a must for maximizing the performance of a rod and should be matched to the type of rod being used as well as the type of fishing being done.

(We can do shipping for oversea customers depending on destination. Please email us for shipping availability , options and quote before you place an order. Thanks!)