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Clear Translucent Intermediate Fly Line with 1 welded, Avail in #5 and #7

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All our fly fishing lines are DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER that makes for well-known international brands. So we offer very competitive price and high quality products on the market which you can trust.

Introducing our new season fly line: the Clear Translucent Invisible Fly Line, designed for the discerning angler seeking unparalleled performance in New Zealand fishing environments. This fly line is crafted with precision and expertise to elevate your fishing experience to new heights.

Invisibility Redefined: The Clear Translucent Invisible Fly Line takes stealth to a whole new level. Its clear and translucent construction ensures that it seamlessly blends into the water, making it virtually invisible to wary fish. Say goodbye to spooked fish and hello to a heightened angling advantage.

Intermediate Sinking Rate: Designed with an intermediate sinking rate, this fly line allows you to fish at various depths with ease. Whether you're targeting trout in still waters or navigating the diverse landscapes of New Zealand's rivers, this line ensures you have the versatility to adapt to changing conditions.

Unrivaled Casting Ease: Experience the joy of effortless casting with our weight-forward design. The Clear Translucent Invisible Fly Line is engineered for smooth and accurate casting, making it the perfect choice for anglers of all skill levels. Enjoy the freedom to cast with precision and confidence, even in challenging New Zealand fishing situations.

High-Strength Nylon Core: Beneath its translucent exterior lies a high-strength nylon core, providing durability and reliability in every cast. This advanced core ensures that the Clear Translucent Invisible Fly Line stands up to the rigors of New Zealand fishing, where the environment can be as demanding as the catch.

Adaptability for New Zealand Fishing: Tailored specifically for the unique fishing situations found in New Zealand, this fly line is your go-to choice for tackling the diverse conditions of the region. From pristine rivers to tranquil lakes, trust in the Clear Translucent Invisible Fly Line to enhance your angling experience.

Elevate your fly fishing game with the Clear Translucent Invisible Fly Line – where innovation meets invisibility for an unmatched angling adventure in the heart of New Zealand's breathtaking landscapes.

WF5I and WF7I available!