WF#6F Weight Forward Floating Fly Line

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High quality Floating fly line,weight forward.

Size-----    WF#6
Color-----  Fluo Yellow

This is a Weight forward line,which are constructed with the greatest mass of fly line located in the first 30’. This helps to propel the cast outward and will load the rod quickly. These are versatile lines that delicately present to trout . Depending on the application of the line, the length of the head on weight forward lines will vary as well as change the casting characteristics.

For slow to medium action rods, use a line with a delicate front taper These lines will not overload the rod because they are an exact line weight. This will help with delicate presentations and allow the fly to turnover without crashing down on the surface of the water.

Medium to fast action fly rods will work best with a weight forward line that has a little more belly (first 30’) in the line to properly load the rod at short to medium distances. The longer compound taper on the front of the line allows for delicate turnover at any distance and the relaxed rear taper allows for better roll casting and mending.

Fast to Ultra fast action rods require a line that will load the rod quickly with minimal false casting. This type of line has most of the mass of the fly line towards the head and usually a half of a line weight heavier than the manufacturing standard. for maximum distance, casting big flies into the wind or two fly rigs with lots of weight and big indicators.