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50M 100% Fluorocarbon Tippet Spool, From 0X-6X

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Our World Class Fluorocarbon is Guaranteed, 100% fluorocarbon with a specific gravity slightly higher than water helping the line to sink below the surface where it is almost invisible. Outstanding knot strength, All the advantages of a floating leader (easy to pick up and cast, easy to mend) with the stealth of Mirage as the tippet Take your fly presentation to the next level  Ideal for dry, wet and nymph fly fishing.  excellent behavior, exceptional abrasion resistance, invisibility, and highly competitive pricing make it the primary leader material choice for fly fishers everywhere.


Available--- 0x(14lb),1X(10lb),2X(9lb),3X(8lb),4X(6lb),5X(4.5lb),6X(3.5lb)

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