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45 Inches Wading Stick for fishing, Quality Anodized Aluminum with a tungsten tip

Speedline Fishing Store

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••  Lengths: 115cm 

Suitable for person under medium height.

(Please go to YouTube to search "Speedline wading staff " or watch the video on how to install it before starting)

It was designed by us and very good quality.

Speedline Guides Wading Staff "Anything else is just a stick" NOW WITH 3 tips for different wading conditions Mud,Rocks,Gravel

A wading staff is without a doubt the single most important wading accessories available. The Speedline Guides Wading Staff is without a doubt one of the best. You should never enter the water without a wading staff. Wading staffs not only provide extra stability but can act as a depth gauge as well. A well manufactured quality wading staff can be a lifesaver.

Built guide tough the Speedline Guides Wading Staff is extremely durable, reliable and conveniently breaks down to fit in the holster. It is the ultimate tool for safe wading.

Wading safely is our motto and should be yours as well. Speedline Guides Wading Staff helps provide you the safety of sure footing when it comes to battling swift current. The staff is a 3-piece sectional staff that stores in a self-draining holster that easily threaded onto a wader belt. The anodized aluminum staff flexes while maintaining strength and has a top section manufactured of super strength T7071 spec aluminum super light and strong . Each piece is held together with a coated steel cable and with lanyard allows for hands free fishing while keeping the wading staff within arm’s reach. The Wading has comfortable ski pole grip with a nylon wrist strap.


••It has a tungsten tip.
•• Sectional staff breaks down to fit in self-draining holster
•• Anodized aluminum shaft allows flex while maintaining strength
•• Top section constructed of super strength bar stock T7071 spec aluminum super light and strong for additional durability
•• Coated steel cable secures sections while in use
•• Comfortable grip with nylon wrist strap and lanyard with 3 tips for different wading conditions Mud,Rocks,Gravel

--Pouch is 35cm and the belt hold is 53mm , can fit the 5cm belt tightly, it is designed for standard waders belt.

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