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9FT Flat Butt Knotless Tapered Leaders , Avail In Size 3X,4X,X5,X6

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 Size ------ 3X, 4X , 5X, 6X

FLAT BUTT LEADERS - win the BEST new products on EFFTEX 2017!
Flat Butt Leaders are an innovative new generation of tapered leader designed to provide fantastic presentation. The purpose of any tapered leader is to provide improved turn-over.

They are ideal for use with the dry flies used on our streams and rivers. With 55% butt and a gradual taper over 28% with a relatively short point of 17%.

These unique leaders have a flat butt for additional suppleness and ease of knotting - the yellow-colored butt and taper make these leaders highly visible to the fly-fisher while maintaining stealth with a clear point section. Produced from pure nylon, they are supple from butt to point and have no memory, making them ideal for delicate presentation.

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