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Czech Nymph fly line,braid core , the best quality on the market!
Czech Nymph fly line,braid core , the best quality on the market!

Czech Nymph fly line,braid core , the best quality on the market!

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Really appreciate FEEDBACK on this line from one of our customers:

 "---Thinner than most other lines 0.55mm diameter parallel line - advantage, both ends can be used

 ---Slightly textured coating, makes it easier to handle wet.

 ---The line feels slightly stiffer than an Airflo SLN seems to tangle less

 ---Line coating and line seems very robust - landed over 100 fish since purchase

 ---Line fished in temperatures where the eyes and reel were freezing solid with no issues

 ---Line doesn’t seem to retain a memory

 ---Line to leader joint - my preferred option is a super glue splice, a nail knot failing to get a grip on the slick coating

 --Line casts well

 ---Great value"


If you are looking for a genuine reliable supplier, it is us.

All our fly fishing products are DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER that makes for well-known international brands. So we offer very competitive price and high quality products on the market which you can trust.

This is the best quality CZ fly line on the market!!!! Guaranteed by Speedline.

Nymph fly lines are designed for Pro angler.

8 yarm Braid core floating line.

No memory at all,even in the cold weather. have been tested in around zero degrees and a little below and it works very well.

The line is parallel with the braid core, 30M in total length. with 3 meters yellow on both end, 24 metres grey color in the middle. the OD of the line is 0.55mm, very light, with braid core inside make the line lighter and stronger!!!

(We can do shipping for oversea customers depending on destination. Please email us for shipping availability , options and quote before you place an order. Thanks!)


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