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9FT 100% Fluorocarbon Tapered Leader For Freshwater/Saltwater , Avail In 3X, 4X

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All our fly lines, backing lines, tapered leaders, tippet lines are DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER that makes for well-known international brands. So we offer very competitive price and high quality products on the market which you can trust.


Freshwater/Saltwater tapered leader 
Length---- 9FT
Size--------3X , 4X.
Spec. Tippet Dia. (in/mm) Butt Dia. (in/mm) Test(lb)
3X .008 / .203  .021 / .53 8.0
 4X .007/.178 022/ .56 5.06 

Our Fluorocarbon Leaders are invisible underwater they’re extremely hard for fish to see. Constructed of material with high abrasion resistance, and 42% better knot strength these leaders are great for wary fish, low-water conditions, and truly excel when nymphing or saltwater fly fishing the perfect leader for Trout, Carp & Saltwater /Natives, Pre Looped for fast application 

(We can do shipping for oversea customers depending on destination. Please email us for shipping availability , options and quote before you place an order. Thanks!)