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True Rotary Fly Tying Vise

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Please see the follow description. Based on the very popular Renzetti Traveler 2200 Cam Series, this model offers you all the great features of the 2000 Traveler at an affordable price.

  • True rotary design allows the axis of rotation to be in line with the shaft of the hook.
  • Hardened steel jaws for supreme hook holding power.
  • Adjustable rotary tension for precise control.
  • Anodised aluminium construction for a lightweight, portable vise.
  • Bobbin hanger arm & material spring
  • Vise comes with carrying case that doubles as a base
  • Ideal for travel . Total weight: 5kg

This is a true rotary vise with cam lever operated jaws so your tying sequence is never compromised by unwanted hook movement. The smooth cam lever operation holds 5/0 to 28 size hooks without having to crank down on the lever to hold the hook rock steady.

Precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminium along with hardened steel jaws, its low on weight and high on quality. All aluminium parts are anodised to reduce eye strain and to conserve the metal.

This model comes with a pedestal base, 6" aluminium stem, adjustable bobbin cradle and material clip. Standard features include rotary tensioning, case hardened cam jaws and full adjustment.

Everything comes in a purpose made travel case that doubles as a work base. You can even leave the heavy pedestal base at home and use the case in the field to tie up some flies to match the hatch

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