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11'0" #5 Top Quality Discovery Nano IM12 SWITCH Fly Rod at very competitive price on the market!!

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Introducing the Ultimate New Zealand Fly Fishing Companion: The Speedline Discovery
Switch 11ft #5 Double Hand Switch Rod!
Are you ready to elevate your fly fishing experience to new heights? Look no further than
our meticulously crafted new switch rod, a double hand switch rod designed specifically
for the challenging conditions of New Zealand's pristine waters.
Key Features:
1. Versatile Length:

With its optimal 11ft length, the Speedline Discovery Switch

11ft #5 strikes the perfect balance between precision casting and
maneuverability, ensuring you have the reach you need to conquer even the
trickiest spots.

2. Line Weight Mastery:

Engineered for success, this double hand switch rod
boasts a line weight of #5, making it the ideal choice for tackling the impressive
trout that thrive in New Zealand's diverse fishing conditions.

3. Robust Construction:

The Cascade Explorer is built to withstand the rigors of
New Zealand fly fishing. Its robust construction ensures durability and reliability,
providing you with the confidence to take on any challenge the water throws your

4. Fast Action Performance:

Experience unparalleled responsiveness with
Speedline Discovery Switch 11ft #5 fast action design. This rod delivers power
and speed, allowing you to effortlessly handle big trout with precision and finesse.

5. Premium Handle:

Elevate your grip with the high-quality Portugal cork handle.
Perfectly contoured for comfort, this handle not only feels great in your hands but
also adds a touch of sophistication to your fishing gear.

6. Cutting-Edge Materials:

The Cascade Explorer is crafted from 100% carbon
fiber with nano helix construction, ensuring a lightweight yet incredibly strong
foundation. This advanced technology guarantees the rod's longevity and
superior performance in any fishing scenario.

7. Tailored for New Zealand Conditions:

Specifically designed for the unique
challenges posed by New Zealand's diverse fishing landscapes, this rod excels in
both still waters and swift currents. Whether you're wading through rivers or
casting from the shore, the Cascade Explorer is your key to success.
Gear up for an unforgettable fly fishing adventure with the Speedline Discovery Switch
11ft #5 Double Hand Switch Rod – where innovation meets tradition, and every cast tells
a story. Unleash the potential of your passion for fly fishing with this exceptional rod built to conquer the waters of New Zealand.



Line weight---#5

Tip OD---1.7mm

Butt OD---10.4mm



Color-----Glossy Olive

Tube---No tube

 This model has been tested and proved by a professional fly fishing guide.

Five years original owner warranty free from defects in materials or workmanship to the original owner only.

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