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Premium Hook High Quality EGAN'S Red Dart Gold Tungsten bead Jig, Avain in #10,#12,#14

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Tied on premium hook. Great product. Imported from Australia.

Avail size: #10,#12,#14

The Red Dart Jig represents a fusion of elements from beloved classic fly patterns, reimagined with contemporary materials to create an enticing lure for fish. Its inception occurred during the 2011 World Fly Fishing Championships in Bolzano, Italy. Observing successful catches on traditional red tags and prince nymphs, I experimented with a blend of these two patterns for optimal appeal. Replacing the biot tail of the prince nymph with the vibrant red tag tail, I utilized brightly dyed hackle fibers instead of the wool yarn commonly found in traditional red tags.

Substituting natural peacock with peacock ice dubbing for the body of the prince nymph, I maintained the prince's brown soft hackle while omitting the white biots typically present. The final touch was the addition of a sparse UV pink hotspot, strategically placed just behind the bead. Hotspots, a prevalent feature in competitive flies, have found their way into this pattern, providing an extra element of attraction. Despite its non-imitative nature, the Red Dart has proven remarkably effective and visually appealing. Whether pursued by Browns, Rainbows, Marble trout, or Grayling in Italy, the fly has demonstrated its effectiveness wherever it has been tested.