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High quality Olive Green Transparent Waterproof Slit Foam Fly Box, Avail in Small and Large

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Special!! Olive Green Transparent Waterproof Slit Foam Fly Box in 2 sizes.

Large ---196*116*42 (holds 540 flies )
Small ----128*96*38mm (holds 150 flies

Our double-sided lite olive-green colour fly box flies slide into the foam slits, this prevents damage to the flies when docking the flies. The transparent high-impact plastic lid allows a clear view for quick fly selection. A positive snap lock closure seals a rubber o-ring gasket for secure water-resistant fly protection. Sturdy stainless steel hinge pins will not wear out like plastic pins.

Water-tight o-ring gasket seal
Double-sided fly box
Improved slit foam
Transparent olive-green colour lids
High impact-resistant plastic
Stainless steel hinge pins
Positive closure snap latches