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Premium Hook Black Tungsten Bead perdigon Quill Jig Nymph In Orange, Avail in #10,#12,#14

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Tied on premium hooks. Great products. Imported from Australia.

Black tungsten Bead Head Jig Nymph Perdigon.

A new breed of nymphs: those tied on jigs. These nymphs will stay in the water with the tip of the hook in the upper position! Means fewer snags, better presentation the fly will stay mostly more parallel compared with the classic nymph presented almost perpendicular on the river bottom. The position is more anatomical a close to the insect swimming positions. Another great plus when you use jig nymphs is that the fisherman can detect better the river bottom because the bead will touch the rocks and not the body or tip of the hook-like in the case with nymphs tied on classic hooks. these bead headed and weighted flies are ideal for rapid streams and smaller rivers. They are also excellent at a higher water level and in dark water.

Avail in #10,#12,#14.