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High Quality Switch Floating Fly Line ,Avail in #4/5,#5/6,#6/7

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All our fly lines, backing lines, tapered leaders, tippet lines are DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER that makes for well-known international brands. So we offer very competitive price and high quality products on the market which you can trust.

---Switch fly fishing floating  line
---.Designed for angler using Switch rods
---Size :#4/5, #5/6, #6/7 ( 1 welded loop )
---Length: 100FT

Our latest spey/Switch line has been designed for a multitude of applications for anglers using Switch rods. The long head and thicker diameter tip turns over big flies with ease, while allowing anglers to throw mends and control the fly’s drift at great distance.

The front taper and weight distribution is awesome for spey casting and forms tight, sweet loops with minimum of effort.

Makes Swinging a fly, Overhead casting a dream , This line will easily cast streamers and handle sinking Leaders, and will load a rod deep for very long, effortless overhead casts.